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oculus (an eye)




oculus ช. (สัมพันธการก oculī); การผันรูปที่สอง

  1. ตา (อวัยวะ)
  2. ตา (พืช)



การก เอกพจน์ พหูพจน์
oculus oculī
oculī oculōrum
oculō oculīs
oculum oculōs
oculō oculīs
ocule oculī




(See oclus for inherited Romance descendants)

  • กาตาลา: òcul
  • เช็ก: okulus
  • อังกฤษ: oculus, Oculi
  • เอสเปรันโต: okulo(Please either change this template to {{desc}} or insert a ====คำสืบทอด==== section in okulo#ภาษาเอสเปรันโต)
  • ฝรั่งเศส: oculus
    • โรมาเนีย: oculus
  • เยอรมัน: Okuli
  • อินเทอร์ลิงกวา: oculo
  • Interlingue: ocul
  • อิตาลี: oculo
  • โปรตุเกส: óculo, óculos
  • สเปน: óculo
  • สวีเดน: oculus


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    • to raise the eyes to heaven; to look up to the sky: oculos tollere, attollere ad caelum
    • I am losing my eyesight and getting deaf: neque auribus neque oculis satis consto
    • to turn one's gaze on; to regard: oculos conicere in aliquem
    • to look in every direction: oculos circumferre
    • to gaze intently all around: in omnes partes aciem (oculorum) intendere
    • to draw every one's eyes upon one: omnium oculos (et ora) ad se convertere
    • to turn one's eyes (ears, attention) towards an object: oculos (aures, animum) advertere ad aliquid
    • his eyes are always fixed on some one's face: oculi in vultu alicuius habitant
    • to keep one's eyes on the ground: oculos figere in terra and in terram
    • to feast one's eyes with the sight of..: oculos pascere aliqua re (also simply pasci aliqua re)
    • to turn one's gaze away from an object: oculos deicere, removere ab aliqua re
    • to close the eyes of a dying person: oculos operire (morienti)
    • to dazzle a person: oculorum aciem alicui praestringere (also simply praestringere)
    • to lose one's sight: oculos, lumina amittere
    • to deprive a person of his eyes: oculis privare aliquem
    • to be blind: oculis captum esse (vid. sect. IV. 6., note auribus, oculis...)
    • something presents itself to my vision: ante oculos aliquid versatur
    • to picture a thing to oneself; to imagine: oculis, ante oculos (animo) proponere aliquid
    • picture to yourselves the circumstances: ante oculos vestros (not vobis) res gestas proponite
    • to see with the mind's eye: oculis mentis videre aliquid
    • to cherish as the apple of one's eye: in oculis aliquem ferre
    • to cherish as the apple of one's eye: aliquis est mihi in oculis
    • to go out of sight, disappear: abire ex oculis, e conspectu alicuius
    • to come within the sphere of the senses: sub sensum or sub oculos, sub aspectum cadere
    • the world of sense, the visible world: res sensibus or oculis subiectae (De Fin. 5. 12. 36)
    • the world of sense, the visible world: res quas oculis cernimus
    • I haven't had a wink of sleep: somnum oculis meis non vidi (Fam. 7. 30)
    • a vague notion presents itself to my mind: aliquid animo meo obversatur (cf. sect. III, s. v. oculi)
    • to bring a thing vividly before the eyes: ante oculos ponere aliquid
    • to represent a thing vividly: oculis or sub oculos, sub aspectum subicere aliquid
    • to scrutinise, examine closely: perlustrare, lustrare oculis aliquid