จาก วิกิพจนานุกรม พจนานุกรมเสรี



จาก pecū (วัว).



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  1. เงิน
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การก เอกพจน์ พหูพจน์
pecūnia pecūniae
pecūniae pecūniārum
pecūniae pecūniīs
pecūniam pecūniās
pecūniā pecūniīs
pecūnia pecūniae




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    • to contribute alms: stipem (pecuniam) conferre
    • to squander one's money, one's patrimony: effundere, profundere pecuniam, patrimonium
    • to leave money to a person in one's will: pecuniam alicui legare
    • much money: pecunia magna, grandis (multum pecuniae)
    • little money: pecunia exigua or tenuis
    • cash; ready money: pecunia praesens (vid. sect. V. 9, note Notice too...) or numerata
    • to spend money: pecuniam erogare (in classem)
    • to devote money to a purpose: pecuniam insumere in aliquid or consumere in aliqua re
    • to pay cash: pecuniam numerare alicui (Att. 16. 16)
    • to pay money: pecuniam solvere
    • to owe some one money: pecuniam alicui debere
    • to lend some one money (without interest): pecuniam alicui credere (sine fenore, usuris)
    • to lend, borrow money at interest: pecuniam fenori (fenore) alicui dare, accipere ab aliquo
    • to put out money at interest: pecuniam fenore occupare (Flacc. 21. 54)
    • to put money in an undertaking: pecuniam collocare in aliqua re
    • the money is bringing in no interest, lies idle: pecunia iacet otiosa
    • to borrow money from some one: pecuniam mutuari or sumere mutuam ab aliquo
    • to lend money to some one: pecuniam alicui mutuam dare
    • to repay a loan: pecuniam creditam solvere
    • to demand payment: pecuniam exigere (acerbe)
    • to have a large income from a thing (e.g. from mines): magnas pecunias ex aliqua re (e.g. ex metallis) facere
    • finance; money-matters: ratio pecuniarum
    • money is outstanding, unpaid: pecunia in nominibus est
    • I have money owing me: pecuniam in nominibus habeo
    • credit and financial position: fides et ratio pecuniarum
    • to have pecuniary difficulties: laborare de pecunia
    • to be reduced to extreme financial embarrassment: in maximas angustias (pecuniae) adduci
    • to extort money from the communities: pecuniam cogere a civitatibus
    • the public income from the mines: pecunia publica, quae ex metallis redit
    • to embezzle money: avertere pecuniam (Verr. 2. 1. 4)
    • to accuse some one of malversation, embezzlement of public money: accusare aliquem peculatus, pecuniae publicae
    • to condemn some one to a fine: pecunia multare aliquem
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